Wine bottle crafts: Craftsman in China is making a wine with a ‘cute cat’

Wine bottles made by craftsmanship, which can be made from any size and style of bottle, have been popular for more than a century, with craftspeople across the world having been working to create unique designs. 

According to the Wine and Spirits World magazine, a bottle from the Fujian region in southwest China made from a handmade wine bottle that had been made from cotton wool is among the most sought after examples of the craftsmanship of China.

The wine is known as the ‘Catsy Wine Bottle’, and the artist has been making the wine in the Fujia Province of China for the last 20 years, with his latest creation being released at the Luxury Wine and Spirit Auction.

The piece of glass is decorated with a cat, with a gold bracelet and a gold necklace with the cat’s head resting on the bottle, according to the article.

The glass is made from recycled bamboo, which is used to make other types of glass bottles, the article added.

A picture of the bottle is posted on the website of the auction house, which said that the wine was sold for about US$1,200 (NZ$1.4 million).

“We’re so happy to have this beautiful bottle made by a craftspeaker and the first of its kind in China,” the auction’s director of auction sales, Mahesh Singh, told The Sunday Telegraph.

“The cat is a very cute cat, and it’s just adorable.

It’s one of the rarest types of cat.” 

He added that the buyer was hoping to purchase the bottle in the coming weeks.

“It’s a rare thing to see a piece of handmade art in such an iconic location,” he said. 

Another Chinese art gallery has sold the cat for around US$4,000 (NZ£3,000) in Hong Kong.

“It seems to be a good chance to purchase it.

It will be a bit of a surprise when we get it,” the owner of the Hong Kong gallery told the Sunday Telegraph, adding that the cat would be donated to a local animal shelter.

Wine bottles made by craftsmanship, which can be made from any size and style of bottle, have been popular for…

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