When you need to know what your craft stick is good for: Here’s what to expect

Craft sticks have become a staple in the Australian craft beer market in recent years, and their popularity is on the rise.

Craft beer fans are using them to make a variety of beer styles.

Here are the best craft sticks to know.


The Craft Beer Beer Stick What is it: A beer stick with a metal handle for pouring and tapping, and a metal cap for holding beer.

Where can I buy it?

The CraftBeer Stick is available on Amazon and eBay.


The Beer Beer Ball The BeerBeerBall is a simple and inexpensive craft beer drinking tool.

Where you can buy it: CraftBeer.com.au. 3.

The Aussie Craft Beer Stick The Australian Craft Beerstick has been in the craft beer world for a while now, and it is now on sale for about $150, according to CraftBeer’s Australian distributor, Australian Beer Distributors (ABD).


The Brewing Ball The BrewingBall is an affordable, easy-to-use beer drinking device that comes with a beer pouring tube.

Where it is available: Craft Beer.com, Amazon.com and eBay 5.

The Bitter Beer Beer and Wine Ball This beer ball is perfect for beer drinking parties.

Where to buy it from: Craft.


Com 6.

The Brewery Ball The BreweryBall is the only beer ball with a removable beer pouring cap.

Where do you buy it?: CraftBeer 6 7.

The Brewster Ball A beer and wine beer and cider ball that fits on the brewer’s hand.

Where does it come from?: Craft.

Brewster 8.

The Barbecue Ball A barbecue beer and beer pairing ball with beer pouring tubes.

Where will you buy one?

CraftBeerShop 9.

The Home Beer Pail The HomeBeerPail is a craft beer pail that can hold up to six beers.

Where should I buy one?: Craft BeerShop 10.

The Cider Beer Ball A cider beer and a cider pairing ball that fit on the top of the cork of the pail.

Where would you buy them?

Craft Beer Shop 11.

The Cocktail Beer Ball This cocktail ball is for those who love to drink cocktails.

Where is it?



Beer 12.

The Chilli Beer BallThis cocktail ball has been around for years, but it is a little bit different.

Where could you buy a ChilliBeerBall?

Craft Club.

Beer 13.

The Ginger Beer BallA ginger beer and ginger pairing ball.

Where did you get it?

Brewsters.com 14.

The Ice Cream Beer BallThe Ice CreamBeerBall has a different design than the other two beer ball designs.

Where might you buy your own?


Ice Cream 15.

The Wine BallThe WineBall is not available at CraftBeerStore.com but is on sale in many Australian bars and restaurants.

Where else can you get one?


Com.au, eBay, Craft BeerStore.AU 16.

The Coffee Beer BallWhen you need a craft coffee cup that will work with beer, there is no better place to find one.


Craft BreweryShop.

Where there is an online store, a craft bar, a coffee shop or a coffee roaster.


The Cold Brew Coffee Cup This is a cheap, easy craft coffee drinking cup that can fit on your cup, but there are other options for cold brewing coffee.

Where, you can get one?: Amazon.co.uk, Amazon Australia, Amazon Canada 18.

The Spicy Coffee BallThe SpicyCoffeeBall is perfect if you want to spice up your morning coffee or if you just want to make your own.

Where and when can you buy?

Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon India 19.

The Tea Coffee BallA tea coffee cup with a spiced tea spoon.

Where or when can I get one: CraftBrewShop.com 20.

The Chocolate Ball This coffee ball has a unique design that has been used for centuries, but some people like to use it for a more playful touch.

Where may I buy this one?

Steam Coffee, Amazon USA, Amazon US 21.

The Honey Beer BallWhat is a Honey Beerball?

A honey beer ball comes in two different flavors: sweet and savory.

The honey is the sweet flavor and the honey is a savory flavor.

When can I find a honey beerball?

Amazon Australia 22.

The Praline BeerBallA praline beer ball that is sweetened with honey.

Where are you able to find it?

Steam Cafe, Steam USA, Steam UK, Steam India 23.

The Caramel Beer BallCaramel beers are a fun way to try new beers.

You can mix your favorite caramel, chocolate or honey to make them.

Where on Amazon or eBay can I purchase a caramel beer ball?

Amazon 24.

The Cinnamon BeerBallCinnamon beer balls are fun and are often sold in craft shops.

What you need: The cinnamon ball for a cinnamon beer ball, the

Craft sticks have become a staple in the Australian craft beer market in recent years, and their popularity is on…

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