What to Wear to the World’s Largest Fashion Show

A fashion show is, by definition, an occasion to showcase a product or service.

And that’s why we love to see new products on display.

But when you’re a fashion show, you need to know the rules.

We’ve compiled a list of fashion show rules that can help you out if you’re ever wondering what the hell to wear to the next fashion show.

(We also have a few guidelines for other venues as well.)1.

Wear the same clothes every day.

No, really.

Every single day.

It’s not just for fashion show-goers.

Even when you aren’t wearing the same pair of shoes for a fashion event, you should be wearing the exact same clothing every day—and then some.

So don’t make the mistake of wearing the wrong pair of jeans every day, and don’t do the same for a dress or a shirt.

Don’t even think about dressing up as a witch or a ninja—the rules are pretty strict.2.

Wear your own makeup.

If you’ve been on a fashion-show diet, you probably won’t be feeling great when the show ends.

But if you’ve spent hours at the salon, or spent a day at the spa, you’re likely already in a better place.

Even if you haven’t, at least have some disposable makeup on hand.

And for the ladies, be sure to make sure that you’re wearing makeup that doesn’t smell of makeup.3.

Wear an outfit that fits.

We know you love to have a nice look, so don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with the way you wear your dress.

(Don’t wear the same shirt for every show.)

And for more practical advice, here are some other tips to make the most of the fashion show:4.

Bring a few friends.

If your friends are going to be going to the show, it’s a good idea to invite them.

You may not be able to afford it yourself, but you’ll definitely be able support a group of people who have all the same needs as you do.

(Remember, the best way to support a fashion project is to support the cause.)5.

Get a dressmaker.

If it’s your first time at a fashion convention, you can save some money by getting a professional to make you a dress.

A dressmaker’s time is valuable and they’ll make sure your outfit is exactly as you want it to be.

(If you’re in a hurry, it may be easier to just ask them to do it yourself.)6.

Keep your hair in place.

For the women, it might be a little bit tricky to wear a ponytail or two when wearing the traditional head-to-toe outfit.

But for the men, this might be an issue.

(Just kidding—you’re wearing a wig.)

For the ladies—and especially if you plan on dressing up in drag—it might be worth it to get your hair cut before you even get to the convention.

It’ll help your hair stay put and you’ll look more natural.7.

Wear some makeup.

Some people think that the best makeup is the ones that don’t leave any residue.

If that’s the case, try not to leave any makeup on your face.

That way, you’ll get the most out of your appearance at the show.8.

Wear a hat.

This is a rule for both men and women.

It helps keep you warm and your hair out of the way.9.

Be smart.

If the fashion shows are about creativity and new ideas, you want to be able get creative and use the new products that are coming out.

So dress smart—especially if you have a new product in mind.

(And if you don’t have a product in your head, don’t worry—we’ve included tips on how to use the internet to find and buy a new one.)10.

Bring the crowd.

The fashion show should be an experience that you’ll want to stay in for the long haul.

(Not that you should—you should be a fan of your favorite designers and the way they look in their clothes.)

But if it’s only a few hours away, be prepared to bring a small group of friends to your table for a few drinks, snacks, and a photo opportunity with them.

We’re guessing that’s going to go well.

And we’ll have you covered for anything else that might come up during the show!

A fashion show is, by definition, an occasion to showcase a product or service.And that’s why we love to see…

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