‘This is why we’ve gotten rid of our glass ceiling’: IKEA founder on why she and the company are now the ‘most transparent’ company in the world

The IKEa founder and her team are getting used to their new status.

“We were just in the last few months, we’ve been working really hard,” said IKEas head of international marketing, Janne Hübner.

“We are the most transparent company in Europe, and the United States.

This is why.”IKEa’s brand is so transparent, they don’t even know what they’re selling, said Hübrner.

They don’t know what their sales are.

“We don’t want to sell products that we’re not even sure we’re actually going to be able to sell,” she added.

IKEas CEO JanneHübners company logo on display.IKEA’s global operations are run by a group of IKEast members who are mostly responsible for the marketing and sales of the business.

Hüsner, who has been with the company since its inception in 2012, has been a board member since 2014.

In 2014, IKEashore, the IKEablog was launched to promote the company, and IKEs global presence, with the goal of raising the profile of the company and its products.

Since then, IGA has continued to grow its brand through partnerships with brands and brands that share its values, such as Nike and Adidas.

But now the company has a different brand to sell to.

As part of its strategic plan, IKA is taking a hands-off approach with its global operations.

“Our focus is on how to keep the company as transparent as possible,” Hüsbner said.

To help achieve this, ICA is introducing a brand and social media strategy to increase brand visibility.

Hüsbner said the brand and the social media platform are the next steps in IKEAs brand evolution.

With the new brand and brand social media, she said, the company is focusing on building trust with consumers and expanding the business to new markets, like China.

The IKEa founder and her team are getting used to their new status.“We were just in the last few months,…

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