The Latest on the Keystone XL pipeline fight

The Keystone XL Pipeline will be a key issue in the 2018 midterm elections.

The project will help provide oil from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast, but the issue has become one of the most contentious in recent years.

A new poll conducted by the University of Houston shows that the pipeline will receive an extremely favorable rating, with 75 percent of Americans saying they would vote in favor of the pipeline if it came to fruition.

The poll also found that the vast majority of Americans oppose the Keystone pipeline, with 71 percent saying they oppose it.

But a significant portion of those who oppose it also believe that it will lead to more pollution in the U, with 62 percent saying it will increase emissions of greenhouse gases.

The poll comes amid ongoing opposition to the pipeline from both sides of the aisle.

Last week, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) wrote an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal in which he wrote, “If we do not act to stop the Keystone Pipeline, it is not going to be just about the price.

It is going to become a global issue.”

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In the poll, 70 percent of Democrats said they would support the Keystone project if it comes to fruition, while just 38 percent said they oppose the project.

Democrats also supported the project by a significant margin, with 84 percent supporting it compared to just 16 percent who said they opposed it.

Meanwhile, the poll found that 70 percent supported the Keystone line when it was first proposed, while only 17 percent opposed it, and 58 percent said that they would back it when it came up for a vote.

However, the number of Americans who oppose the pipeline has dropped significantly since then.

The poll found in February that a record 58 percent opposed the project, with only 29 percent in support.

The number of people who said that the Keystone was an important issue dropped to 35 percent in March, and then dropped again to 21 percent in April.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has been taking aim at the pipeline on the campaign trail, and has said that he is open to a vote on the pipeline, which is estimated to cost $8 billion to build.

This week, he again called the pipeline “the single biggest polluter in the world.”

The Keystone XL Pipeline will be a key issue in the 2018 midterm elections.The project will help provide oil from…

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