New retail store opens in Saskatoon, Saskatoon Craft Warehouse opens

A new craft store opened its doors this week in Sask.

The Saskatoon-based Craft Warehouse is the latest to open across Canada as retailers around the country are trying to compete with Amazon’s brick-and-mortar presence.

Here’s what you need to know.


The store was opened in Sask, but it’s not open to the public yet.

Craft Warehouse’s website says it opened in Saskatchewan but not to the general public.

But it’s open to its members and is currently accepting memberships for its weekly craft show.

Members can shop online, pick up supplies and order crafts for a monthly membership fee.

Members also get a free gift card.

The stores website says the store is located in the former Sears warehouse in Sasktel, and is expected to open in late October or early November.


The craft store has a focus on small-batch, artisanal, seasonal items, like handcrafted bread, pies and other artisanal food products.

It is not yet known what craft will be offered.


The Craft Warehouse offers a full range of products and a variety of sizes, including one-pound jars and a large jar of craft beer.

The location has been renovated and a new office is planned for the future.


It’s a small-scale operation.

The first craft store in Canada opened in 2013 in Vancouver, but that store was also a one-person operation.

In the last few years, craft stores in the United States and Europe have opened in similar locations, with a variety offered by different retailers.

Craft stores are usually open only on weekdays, but the store has been open on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.

The company has about 100 members, which includes more than 200 women.

The group is also looking for a director.

“We’re looking for someone to run this for the next few years,” said Christine O’Neil, the store’s co-owner.


The business is run by three employees.

The founder and the company’s president, Sarah Gage, also owns a small hardware store.

Both of them are single mothers with two young children.

She says they have been struggling with the cost of living in SaskTel, and they want to be able to open a new store to make ends meet.

“The money we make from this is going to support our family and help us take care of our two kids,” she said.


There are no prices listed.

There is a weekly membership price of $20 for members.

That price is discounted if members purchase more than one item.

The prices are only available at the store.


Craft is a craft store with a focus.

The site says that members are encouraged to “experience and share their craft, as they are the ultimate source of inspiration and inspiration.”

The store offers crafts like beer, beer-making kits, wine-making supplies, sewing kits, jewelry and other handmade items.

The retailer is also accepting members for events, such as a birthday party.


Crafts and craft kits are a staple in many households.

The new store offers a wide range of crafts, and some items include craft supplies for home and commercial use.

There also is a selection of art supplies for the home, and an assortment of craft and craft kit tools.

Craft supplies include woodworking tools, wood-working kits, craft supplies and craft supplies, and jewelry supplies.


The shop is not a typical store, but a new type of retailer is being created in Canada.

The Canadian Craft Retailer Association is a trade group representing retailers, distributors and distributors of craft products.

Craft retailers include online and brick- and-mortars stores.

It also includes brick-n-mortarlists that sell specialty craft items.


The Saskatchewan-based craft retailer was founded in Sask., and it plans to expand its store across the country.

It has a membership list of about 200, with more than 250 members.


The focus is on small batch, artisan products.

The website says that it offers the products that are “specialty, handcrafted, or unique to Saskatoon.”

The website is divided into three sections: online, brick- n-mortallists and specialty craft.

There’s also a dedicated craft section in the shop’s membership area.

Craft shops often specialize in craft, but this is the first craft retail store to offer a wide selection of crafts.

The online section features online craft shops that sell both online and retail items.

For example, the shop offers a selection that includes knitting, craft, jewelry, home décor and more.


It says it will be opening soon in the Vancouver area.

The city of SaskTel is expected soon to see a new craft retail location, and it is also expanding its own craft stores to take advantage of the opening.

The Vancouver location will open in early October.


It may be a few months before the SaskTel store is open.

It can take up to six months for a

A new craft store opened its doors this week in Sask.The Saskatoon-based Craft Warehouse is the latest to open across…

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