New report reveals that the Harper government spent $3.4 billion to kill the climate change report

The government spent more than $3 billion on a climate change study and a climate policy report to bury a report that had been critical of the Harper Conservatives.

The study and report were part of a $6.5-billion omnibus spending bill passed in May by Parliament’s opposition, the Progressive Conservatives, and the NDP.

The Conservative government has said it will keep the study and policy report secret until the end of the year.

The Harper government’s omnibus bill includes a section called the “Climate Change Report” that is meant to be a “public-private partnership.”

It includes $3 million to hire a climate consultant to help the government review the report, as well as a $1.2 million payment to the National Research Council to study the report and to prepare a report on climate change policy.

The government has also committed to spending $500 million to “advance climate science in the public interest,” and the government has spent $2 million on a survey to measure public support for climate action.

The report, called the Canada Climate Change Outlook, is a draft of a report prepared by a team of climate experts and was commissioned by the government, according to a news release from Environment Canada.

It concluded that Canada is on track to meet its climate change targets.

“The government of Canada has recognized the value of climate science, and has worked closely with stakeholders to develop a report to inform its climate strategy, which has been delivered to the Prime Minister,” said Environment Minister Catherine McKenna in a statement.

McKenna said that the government will “review and make changes” to the report “to ensure that the findings are sound and accurate.”

McKenna also said that a committee has been established to “review the report to ensure that it complies with all environmental and other requirements.”

The Harper Conservatives have been criticized for the $3-billion spending bill.

They have also been criticized by climate scientists and the United Nations for their climate policies.

The Liberals are expected to oppose the omnibus legislation in the House of Commons, where a majority of the seats are up for grabs in the upper house.

They will likely vote against the omnibuses budget.

In the House, Environment Minister Kerry-Lynne Findlay said the government’s plan is to “make sure that the report is as accurate as possible.”

Findlay told reporters in Ottawa that she “wouldn’t like to see it be anything other than a complete and utter sham.”

Findley also said the report will be released in “due course,” and that “we will make sure that we’ve done the research and the research has been done.”

She said the plan includes a review of the report that will be conducted by the National Advisory Committee on the Environment and the Economy.

Findlay says she expects the report in the near future.

“I am hoping to see a final report, which is going to be much more comprehensive than this one.”

The National Research Counsellor said in a written statement to CBC News that the “Climatology and Climate Outlook” was a “preliminary” review of several reports on climate and the environment, and “does not provide a complete picture of the full extent of the problem.”

Findout is a researcher at the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy at the University of Calgary, who has been working on a book on climate science and policy for several years.

He says he has done extensive research on climate, and said the “climate change Outlook” report was an attempt to address “the most important questions about the science and the impacts of climate change on the future of our planet.”

“It’s not a new approach to climate science,” Findout said.

“It is based on peer-reviewed research.

And so we’re hoping to get a report out and to present it to the public in a more systematic way.” “

But it’s very much in line with what we know from our research and what we have known from previous studies.

And so we’re hoping to get a report out and to present it to the public in a more systematic way.”

Findson says he wants to “show the people who are making these decisions that they are making decisions based on science.”

The government spent more than $3 billion on a climate change study and a climate policy report to bury a…

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