How to keep a craft shop going: Make a plan for a ‘moments of grace’

Crafts are one of the most rewarding ways to keep your craft shop alive, says Margo Gifford.

The former Melbourne craft store owner says she is not the only one who has found that when she puts her hand to the keyboard to brainstorm ideas for her shop, she can create a craft that is “more than just a craft store”.

Ms Giffor said she started crafting in a hurry as she was working part-time as a cleaner.

“When I was cleaning up my shop, I had to use all the paint brushes I had, because the paint was so expensive, I was using it on all sorts of different things, including my car.

I had painted the inside of the car to look like a craft workshop, and it was quite expensive to do it,” she said.

“And then the next day, I started to realise I could make some of the things that I needed in a very short amount of time.”

She says she never had the urge to start her own craft shop, but she does have a few ideas on how to keep it going.

“I would do a workshop every week, and I would go to work one Saturday, and then I would come back and start a new workshop that day.

And I would do those workshops for about a month, and that’s how long I’d have to do them.”

Ms Gufford said her shop has grown to around 200 people, and they sell about 20 items a week.

“We’ve had an amazing amount of success, we’ve had people come in and buy a bunch of things, they’ve come in every weekend, and we’ve done all kinds of things.

And we’ve been able to do all these things because the shop is a small operation,” she added.

“So we’ve got all the money in the world to do things like make the coffee, the craft coffee, we sell coffee to restaurants and other places, and just all kinds and all the other things that we’re doing, but the business has just grown to where we’ve managed to keep the shop going.”

The Murchie Centre has been running a weekly craft workshop for nearly four years, and says that many of the people who have taken part in the craft workshops have done so on their own, or on the back of their own work.

“It’s been really good, because it’s been so easy for me to start, because I was always a little bit self-directed,” Ms Gfford said.

But she says the key is not just keeping the shop afloat, but also making sure that the people working in the shop can have a positive impact.

“You don’t want people to be stuck in the same situation you are,” she explained.

“They should have the opportunity to create something that will make a difference in someone else’s life, and make them feel good about themselves.”

Ms Saller said that she has had a number of clients come in for the shop over the past couple of years, who she believes have been inspired by her work.

She says the people in her shop who are also creative have always been there to make sure that people were happy and cared about the shop.

“There’s so much great craft out there.

And it’s not like there’s one thing that everyone has to have, but if you don’t have that, it’s a really big loss,” Ms Sillers said.

Crafts are one of the most rewarding ways to keep your craft shop alive, says Margo Gifford.The former Melbourne craft…

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